Rochford Joinery have been making and selling wooden external doors and door frames throughout the UK for over 20 years. We specialise in Pre-Hung Front Doors, Hardwood Front Doors, Oak Front Doors, Doors with glass in any style or pattern, Frames made to any size and contemporary style, Staircases made to order, please telephone or email a drawing & discuss requirements

Our skilled joiners have many years experience in the timber industry & are on hand to discuss any of your requirements regarding any joinery work including Staircases purpose made in oak, hardwood or pine.

We have a range of ready-made doors and door frames, and also offer a bespoke service making frames to suit your requirements.Also our pre-hung service provides the doors ready to fit in to the opening, with hinges cut out,letterplate cut out and frame rebated. Also we can cut down doors and lip them. Whatever your needs; replacements for existing doors, new doors for renovation projects or doors for new builds, we can supply any quantity needed.

There is always someone here to help you choose exactly the right door for your purposes and we offer help and advice on:

  • Types of wood
  • Structure of doors
  • Fitting a door
  • New Build Reqirements
  • Purpose Made
  • Staircases
  • Glass design

Pre-Hung Front Doors

We offer a large range of exterior doors in either oak or hardwood, and offer a selection of triple glazed front doors, single glazed front doors and unglazed front doors & back doors with clear glazing to suit any entrance. Our oak doors are all made of White oak veneer, which is similar in appearance to European oak. It is an attractive honey coloured, durable wood, with a straight grained effect, and makes an attractive exterior door. A clear laquer treatment should be used to seal the doors Sikkens products recommended.

Our hardwood front doors can be painted or stained to a choice of any colour to suit the property.

We are able to offer a service locally to measure your entrance to fit a front door, which can be pre-hung at our workshop,in area: London,Southend Essex, Chelmsford Essex, Leigh-on-Sea Essex, Bishop Stortford Hertfordshire & parts of Surrey,Sussex Kent Buckinghamshire & Berkshire UK.

Our range of doors are supplied by suppiers based in the north of the country, adorable oak front doors from LPD ( Leeds Plywood & Doors ) & XL Joinery products Ltd. Locally our suppliers include Singer Plywood & Doors Ltd.

Oak Front Doors have become very popular as people return to traditional/Contemporary solid engineered wooden doors due to the choice, the styling and the security which would match any white plastic or composite doors.

All of our triple glazed front doors have a range of matching sidelights and door frames to create a complete entrance. The glass in our triple glazed front doors has hand made lead light between two pieces of safety toughened glass, making a very secure front door, which is also easy to clean. See our gallery for a choice of wooden doors all pre-hung & ready to fit staight into opening.

All our wooden front doors are either mortice & tenion or dowelled construction.

A range of ready made wooden external door frames are available to complement any of our range and can usually be adapted to suit most openings. We also offer a service of purpose-made frames,these exterior door frames, available in oak or hardwood, are made in our workshop to your required specifications.
To make life easier for you we have developed a range of complete Front Door Sets.

These complete sets are available in any height to accomodate a top light if needed. The width will vary depending on the style of front door you choose. The front door set includes the front door and door frame chosen by you, draught seals and all ironmongery i.e. locks, hinges, letter plate and low line cill. All the work of fitting your front door to the frame has been completed in our workshop for you, making this the ideal solution for a diy project, and doing away with the
expense of a carpenter.Also as our door range is untreated , we offer a service to stain the door/frame/sidelights in a clear finish using Saolin products, please ask for pricing.

Advice on fitting an exterior or interior Door:

How To Fit A Wooden Door:

Upon receiving your new wooden door whether internal or external, please check if in good condition.
The door should then be treated prior to hanging as per instructions on our Technical data section. The doors should then be offered up to your opening and trimmed to size if necessary, leaving a 3mm gap all the way round the between the door and frame.

It is recommended to use 2 hinges with an internal door and 3 hinges with an external door. To fit the hinges on a new frame and door place 1 leaf of the hinge 150ml down from the top and 200ml up from the bottom and if using 3 hinges place the third in the middle of these two and using a knife mark round the leaf where you have pencil marked it.Then set your gauge to the thickness of the hinge leaf and mark between cut lines and proceed to cut outwith a tenon saw about 5mil apart and chop round the edge with a chisel take out wood ready for the hinge to sit into drill holes and scew tight. Repeat on frame if new or clean up if existing frame. Then rest the door on blocks of wood and offer up to opening and frame until level with hinge housing then fix the the hinges with only 2 screws at first to check how door fits and if needing to be trimmed at bottom and then re-hang and fit all screws.

Fitting Locks:

Two locks are to be fitted to an External Wooden Door, a nightlatch and a deadlock. If you fit these one a third of the way down and the other a third of the way up the door this will ensure better security of the door. The nightlatch can be fitted as per instructions and you will have to drill a 36mil hole in the door and drill from both sides so as not to break out the door. The dealock requires a mortice in the edge of the door, do not mortice out the door where you have a rail on the door as this will weaken the door. After choppin the mortice and housing in the face plate place lock on the side of door to mark key hole. Fit both locks and try the lock

Fitting a Letterplate:

Remove the door and lay flat mark out the letter plate and cut hole in door, seal the hole and also seal the top and bottom of the door whilst it is lying flat. Fit the letter plate and check operates correctly.
If fitting to a new frame wait for the door to dry before fitting draught-excluder

Maintaining your Wooden Door:

1. Please do not stand your door where it has recently been plastered as the moisture will get into the doors and make them warp or the veneer will lift
2. Please do not lay doors on a uneven floor as the doors will mould to the shape of the floor
3. Please do not stack doors in front of a radiator
4. Please do not leave doors out in the rain or expose to extreme sunlight
5. Please coat the door before hanging it, with a maximum of 4 coats of Sikkens or Sadolin products

Our selection of front doors also includes a range that is compliant with” Part L” of the Building Regulations to meet the thermal “U” (2.0w/m2k) value criteria for new build(Conservation of Fuel and Power 2009).
All wooden doors are engineered with an over- veneer for greater stability & resistance to warping
All wooden doors are supplied untreated ready for a finish of your choice
All oue doors are sourced from managed forests

Back Doors

Our Exterior Back doors are available in oak or hardwood, in a range of sizes as either single, double glazed exterior doors or stable exterior doors. A limited range of door frames are available for our back doors. A new range of stylish doors now available in oak veneer and double- glazing with sandblasted, patterned or clear glass options.

The exterior oak and hardwood back doors now on sale are offering a larger range of styles to compliment the style of your interior, whether traditional, classic or contemporary. The hardwood exterior doors can be painted to a colour of your choice or stained. We deliver locallly ourselves to the area: Southend Essex, Chelmsford Essex, Hertfordshire,Surrey, Sussex, London,Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire UK.

We also offer a pre-hung service for both our back door range and our front door range of which you can choose from either catagory to mix the front or back door range and we can do all the hard work for by pre-hanging the doors ready to slot straight into your opening. (When purchasing a back-door a sashlock is normally fitted which has a handle to be able to shut the door with-out it having to lock it. An additional lock can be added at no extra cost)
Also available for the back of your property is the popular contemporary bi-fold exterior doors, available in Oak, Hardwood and white pre-finished.

Patio Doors

Exterior Patio Doors can make an enormous difference to the feel of a room, allowing you to effectively extend the space available, and introducing far more airiness and light than a window.

Traditionally, external patio doors have usually been double doors opening out onto your patio, and these can be an attractive feature in themselves.
More recently however, the option of using bi- folding doors, or sliding doors as they are sometime known, can offer a larger entrance without taking up much space are very much in vogue. These sliding doors make an attractive and modern alternative to French Doors.
Rochford Joinery offers an attractive range of both French Doors and Vu-Folding Doors to suit your requirements.
We also offer the bi-fold doors pre-finished in oak, hardwood or white finish, a popular contemporary competative range of bi-folding doors

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