Questions asked by our loyal customers:
1. Are all our doors made from solid wood?

All doors that are sold off the shelf are all engineered with an over veneer this is to keep the cost down
If you have an odd size door or are prepaired to spend the extra money on a solid door this is by far the best way to go as the door will last for years and look more unique.

2. What does F.S.C stand for?

Most door suppliers today work towards obtaining its products from well managed forests,most of our products have the FSC logo, which means the doors have been independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Manufacturers are aware of the egological restraints with regard to logging of trees and for that reason most doors are now engineered

3. Will the doors and sidelights fit my opening

Most of our external doors and sidelights fit most openings. We do offer a service for purpose made frames to fit bigger than average openings of any size. Our joiners are at hand to discuss any of your plans or worries and talk over your sizes, building regs, opening etc. We are able to fit the locks,hinges,letterplate for you, so all you have to do is fit into place. Also we can trim sidelights to make them smaller or you could just have glass panels which we can make in any size.

4. How long for Delivery

Our own delivery team operate within the m25 to include London, Essex, Surrey, Hertfordshire Berkshire, Buchinghamshire, Sussex and Kent. Deliveries are normally every week scheduled for Wednesday/Thusdays. Our own drivers use smaller vans to be able to access any area & are fitted with state of the art satallite navigation & to keep prices down we try to deliver group area together. We take care to make sure all goods reach you in same condition as they left our workshop
Also we deliver to the rest of the UK via an established courier company and deliver within 7 days. Our sales team is at hand to sort delivery for any day you require within the UK. Delivery of doors are available to France, Ireland, Jersey etc and for delivery on Saturday but please ring to confirm costing. You will be advised if any doors are not available and if you wish to place on back-order, an estimated due date will be given but this can exceed by as much as 8 weeks due to overseas problems etc
Delivery costs for all our doors is shown on the home page.

5. Is it ok to fit an internal door as an external door ?

No. Firstly the doors are of a different thickness, an internal door is 35mm or 40mm if metric and an exterior door is 45mm thick. Also the doors are made in a different way the glues and moisture content differ on whether for interior or exterior use. Also although you may have a porch built in front of the exterior door thus thinking this makes it ok to use an interior door, there is not the added security required as proper security locks cannot be fitted to an internal door. The door would not be covered under any warranty if hung in the wrong environment.

6. Do you have a showroom ?

No. We operate on the internet only thus keeping costs down which is passed on to the customer. We do however hold a small amount of stock at our warehouse which you could look at to see colour of woods used oak,meranti,pine,or white finish doors or if we have in stock the design of a specific door. Also you can pick-up doors from the warehouse if required.

7. Do you have the doors in stock

We only hold a very small amount of stock doors, as we have not the space to carry every size and type of door available, the range is too large. We order direct from the manufactures and deliver within 7 days

8. How do I fit my door?

How To Fit A Wooden Door:

Upon receiving your new wooden door whether internal or external, please check if in good condition, before signing for.
The door should then be treated prior to hanging as per instructions on our Technical data section. The doors should then be offered up to your opening and trimmed to size if necessary, leaving a 3mm gap all the way round the between the door and frame.
It is recommended to use 2 hinges with an interior door and 3 hinges with an exterior door. To fit the hinges on a new frame and door place 1 leaf of the hinge 150ml down from the top and 200ml up from the bottom and if using 3 hinges place the third in the middle of these two and using a knife mark round the leaf where you have pencil marked it.Then set your gauge to the thickness of the hinge leaf and mark between cut lines and proceed to cut out with a tenon saw about 5mil apart and chop round the edge with a chisel take out wood ready for the hinge to sit into drill holes and scew tight. Repeat on frame if new or clean up if existing frame. Then rest the door on blocks of wood and offer up to opening and frame until level with hinge housing then fix the the hinges with only 2 screws at first to check how door fits and if needing to be trimmed at bottom and then re-hang and fit all screws. We do offer a pre-hung service to do all the above work for you or you could get a professional to fit for you

Fitting Locks:

Two locks would be fitted to an External Wooden Door, a nightlatch and a deadlock. If you fit these one a third of the way down and the other a third of the way up the door this will ensure better security of the door. The nightlatch can be fitted as per instructions and you will have to drill a 36mil hole in the door and drill from both sides so as not to break out the door. The dealock requires a mortice in the edge of the door, do not mortice out the door where you have a rail on the door as this will weaken the door. After choppin the mortice and housing in the face plate place lock on the side of door to mark key hole. Fit both locks and try the lock

Fitting a Letterplate:

Remove the door and lay flat mark out the letter plate and cut hole in door, seal the hole and also seal the top and bottom of the door whilst it is lying flat. Fit the letter plate and check operates correctly.
If fitting to a new frame wait for the door to dry before fitting draught-excluder

Maintaining your Wooden Door:

1. Please do not stand your door where it has recently been plastered as the moisture will get into the doors and make them warp or the veneer will lift
2. Please do not lay doors on a uneven floor as the doors will mould to the shape of the floor
3. Please do not stack doors in front of a radiator
4. Please do not leave doors out in the rain or expose to extreme sunlight

Question: Delivery of doors, do we sign without checking them
Answer: No
Door Delivery
Please check doors upon arrival.
All goods must be checked upon arrival for defects, damage, shortages or unsuitability, must be advised to our agent (courier driver or 2nd man) immediately, please do not sign for goods without checking for defects, damages or shortages as your signature is acceptance of the goods being received in good and serviceable condition, we cannot accept any claim for these issues after you have signed for the goods.Please do not sign if goods damaged or vwrite on ticket damaged & return with sender

General Information:
Q1. What is the difference between a door with Dowelled construction to that of a door with M&T construction?

Our Dowelled Hardwood doors are manufactured from kiln dried timber and are jointed using fluted dowels and modern adhesives, which are very strong .

Our Mortice & Tenon doors are manufactured from select kiln dried hardwoods, and are constructed using traditional Mortice & Tenon joints and modern adhesives. This ensures that the doors are constructed to the very highest standard. The panels are set in waterproof mastic ensuring that the highest level of weatherproofing is achieved.A traditional method of construction

Q4. Does an exterior door need a canopy or porch?

Most exterior Oak front doors are more suitable if facing south to be sheltered by a porch or canopy & would need extra care with finishing of doors. All doors will last better if protected from elements

Q5. How much timber can be taken off an External door?

When trimming a door to fit, the door may be reduced by a Maximum of 12mm off each side, top and bottom. Any reductions must be removed equally from each edge.

Q6. What thickness of veneer is used on the doors?

External Oak Doors – Stiles and rails: 1.2mm approx, Panels: 0.6mm approx

External Hardwood Doors – Stiles and rails: 1.2mm approx, Panels: Solid Laminated Hardwood

Q7. How should the doors be finished?

External Paint: A coat of Primer/Undercoat and min 3 coats of a good quality paint, see technical section re application

External Stain: High performance stain – min 3 coats. Sikkens Products recommended

Q9. The label on the door states that I cannot use wax, teak oil or varnish…….why not?

When we manufacture a door it has a controlled moisture content, the above mentioned treatments will not seal the moisture content into the door, therefore allowing moisture ingress or loss to occur causing the door to either swell or shrink. Only a fully paint finish (primer, undercoat & gloss) or high performance wood stain/lacquer should be used.See our Technical section. Wooden doors are a natural product and should be treated with the care its due

Q10. I have broken a piece of glass, can you supply a replacement piece?

These doors are of cassette construction therefore they are built around the glass and there are no loose beads. We do not have replacement glass. If the customer wants to re-glaze, they would need to router the mould off one side of the glazing aperture, remove the broken glass, put new glass in and acquire a new loose beading to re-glaze the door ( probably as cheap to buy a new door).

Q11. The glazing bars on my doors are out of line, not square, what can I do?

The vertical glazing bars can be tapped back into line, these are dry set into the door and could move in transit.

Q13. Can you give out glass sizes?

We do not give out glass sizes for the reason that the measurements could be taken down or given incorrectly.

Q14. What if I receive an obscure glazed door and it has clear patches on the glass?

This effect is usually caused by a substance “filling in” the glass etching and turning it almost transparent, usually caused by silicone. It can be removed with white sprits and vigorous rubbing of the transparent patch. Once the white sprit as been applied, leave to dry and the glass should become obscured again.

Q15. Pre-Hung Doors/ Purpose made

We operate a small dedicated workshop to undertake a variety of tasks relating to door installation. This includes pre-hanging a front door, front door & sidelights, front door & toplight, Front Door & purpose made frame etc most front door configerations i.e. new builds we are able to undertake, rebating of doors,cutting down of doors. Please allow approx 21 days for this service. Also we can stain the door so it is ready to just hang in place
Any queries can be answered by our joiners on:01702 469681

Q16: The Environment (Our Suppliers)

To be fully compliant with all relevant environmental legislation associated with the Company’s activities
Wherever and whenever economically practicable, to endeavour to use environmentally safe materials
Where feasible, to strive towards the continual reduction of all waste streams, to air, water and land
Wherever commercially viable, to recycle and reuse any materials that would otherwise go to landfill

Q17: Do you deliver to anywhere in the uk

A: We deliver to all the British Isles including Channel Islands, also France & Ireland. Local deliveries by our own transport include Essex, London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire,Hertfordshire,Hampshire, UK. Popular postcodes: SS, CM, GU, TN, CV, AL,TW,HP,BR,KT,SL, BN, RG,OX SG, IP,CB,& GL

Q18. Which day do you deliver

A: Our normal delivery is Thursday ever week by our own driver to area,s shown above. With our own drivers you can specify a time or ask the driver to ring beforehand & request for doors to be left in garage,shed etc. For all other areas across the UK we use a courier company & we can only specify the day arriving !!

Q19.Can you finish our doors

A: Pre-finishing now available on all external doors: Sikkens products used.

Q20: Are the doors guaranteed
A; All External Doors are guaranteed to be of good material and workmanship and be free of defects. Please check doors on arrival. Being a natural product the doors have to be maintained by re-application of stain or paint every 3/5 years dependant on area & which way situated. If living by the sea facing south with no canopy a wooden door really would not be advised to purchase but if bought then every year you should re-apply protection stain. Also remember to coat the bottom underneath of door & top & sides.